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To locate a horse motel simply click on any of the underlined states, provinces, or countries
below to view all the horse motels available in that state, province or country.
Virtually all horse motel owners will want to see current health papers, including a negative Coggins test,
for your horse(s) before allowing you onto their property. Make sure you have them before hitting the open road.

Visit our "On Line Shopping" page for products or services that you might find helpful while on the road or just at play.
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United States

Alabama     Alaska   Arizona   Arkansas     California   Colorado   Connecticut   Delaware   Florida   Georgia   Hawaii   Idaho   Illinois   Indiana   Iowa   Kansas   Kentucky    Louisiana    Maine   Maryland   Massachusetts    Michigan  Minnesota    Mississippi   Missouri   Montana   Nebraska    Nevada   New Hampshire   New Jersey   New Mexico   New York    North Carolina    North Dakota   Ohio Oklahoma  Oregon   Pennsylvania   Rhode Island   South Carolina   South Dakota   Tennessee   Texas    Utah   Vermont Virginia   Washington   West Virginia    Wisconsin   Wyoming


Alberta    British Columbia    Manitoba   New Brunswick   Newfoundland   Nova Scotia Ontario   Prince Edward Island   Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon Territory

International Countries

Argentina   Australia   Ireland   The Netherlands   Turkey   United Kingdom

We offer a complete listing by country, province, and state of horse motels anywhere in the world. If you're traveling and need lodging for your horse(s), check our web site for a facility along your way. If you own a horse facility we hope you'll list with us. To learn more about listing your horse facility on our web site, click on our List With Us page. If your country isn't listed we'll be glad to add it. We wish to accept only high quality facilities to assure our customers a safe, comfortable overnight stay. If you are a traveler and have comments about your accommodations, feel free to e-mail us or fill out our comments questionaire; we welcome your feedback. When reading other's comments, keep in mind that everybody has different expectations. It's suggested that you look for overall trends about a facility rather than, perhaps, one traveler's dissatisfaction which can hurt an otherwise great facility's ranking. Facilities are listed alphabetically by city within each country, province, or state. To keep your horse(s) at a listed horse motel, current health papers and a negative Coggins test are required.
Editor's Note: The most common complaint I receive from horse motel owners concerns "no shows." Most horse motels don't require a deposit but if you make a reservation and don't show up and don't call to cancel, you jeopardize the horse motel system in general. Generally, horse motels are people's private property and they are offering a service to let travelers keep their horses at their home. Please! be considerate enough to cancel a reservation if your plans change. Those of you who don't may spoil it for the rest of us.

And the most common complaint I receive from travelers is a horse motel owner not being accurate, or honest, about their ability to handle large rigs. Horse motel owners, don't exaggerate your capabilities to try to entice travelers to stay with you. You may not be able to handle everybody who calls but be happy with those that you can. The whole system will work more smoothly if everybody "communicates and cooperates!"

An excellent additional supplement to this web site is an independently published book called the "Nationwide Overnight Stabling Directory." The book is a state by state listing of horse motels, some of which are also listed on this web site while many are additional horse motels from which to choose. The cost of this annually published book is $32.00, including shipping. You can order the book on a secure site with Visa, Master Card, or Pay Pal.
Presently selling 2013/2014 editions.

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