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Welcome to our page where you, the traveler, can express your thoughts about your horse motels during your trip. Please keep in mind that everybody has different expectations and has their own thoughts on what comprises an acceptable facility. A quality horse motel does not have to be a lavish bed and breakfast or luxurious in nature. We ask for your thoughts on the quality of the facilities, not on the quantity. A small ranch with just a few stalls can provide safe, comfortable housing for a weary traveler's horse(s) while a large, full service facility can make a traveler uneasy if it is not kept clean, well maintained, and adequately monitored. You may submit written text comments and I will include both compliments and constructive statements for improvements about a facility. I will not include comments that are distasteful or inflammatory in nature. I also reserve the right to forward comments to a horse motel owner as some owners don't review their listing on a regular basis. Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Comments Section.

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(If you have trouble sending the form, feel free to send us your scores and comments by regular e-mail and I'll make sure the information is added to the appropriate facility).

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