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Planning a vacation with your horse in Northwestern Wyoming or Southern Montana? According to Jim Zumbo, former hunting editor for Outdoor Life Magazine and current TV personality on The Outdoor Channel, this book belongs on the night stand of everyone planning such a trip. I would add that it belongs in their saddle bags as well; thatís why itís printed on a convenient 5 Ĺ x 8 Ĺ inch format.

This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know for day riding in both Yellowstone National Park and on the North Fork of The Shoshone, a vast river valley that lies between Cody, Wyoming and the eastern boundary of Yellowstone. The North Fork, like the rest of the Absaroka Range, is a spectacular mix of high peaks, broad plateau-like mountain and ridge tops, rugged drainages, and gentle valleys. Terrain conditions can be selected to suit the skill level of any horseperson, be they beginner or expert. Horse riding is encouraged throughout the entire region, including Yellowstone, and no permit is required.

This book tells you how to get to the trailheads and where to camp or lodge with your horse for doing each ride, 63 of which are described in the text, along with 32 color photos to whet your appetite for this marvelous country.

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