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Below is a photo of a man that has, to date, stayed at at least five horse motels listed on this web site and has left in the middle of the night without paying his bill.
At one facility in Texas, Mr. Norton was involved in a transaction where he skipped out owing $50,000.
Additional information shows Mr. Norton to, apparently, have been apprehended by law enforcement for an assault and robbery warrant
but when Mr. Norton didn't appear for his court date, the warrant was re-issued and Mr. Norton is once again a fugitive from the law.
On or around 7/2/20 Mr. Norton skipped out in the middle of the night at one of the horse motels listed on this web site in Tucson, AZ.
He kept his horse there for 2 nights, left during the night, and also took some hay, a trash can full of grain, and a tack trunk. He had no beard,
was wearing wire rimmed glasses a couple of times, appeared about 20 pounds lighter than in the photo and used the name Dobbs. He was driving a white GMC 2500 Diesel
crew cab, short bed, license plates unknown. Said he was a horse trainer. Caution is advised. If you allow him to stay at your facility, at the least, payment in advance is advised.

David James Norton