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Story Synopsis: "Eight-year-old horse lover Mary Ann is on the adventure of a lifetime when she accidentally discovers the key to a secret barn door and is catapulted into a fantasy world of mythological talking plants and animals. Morgan, the beautiful black horse, befriends Mary Ann and tries to help her get back home. He is tricked by a clever dragon, and she is taken prisoner. While imprisoned, she uncovers another mystery from her country town of Hatsville! Morgan, Pegasus horse Aileron, Prince John and Legend, the unicorn, join together to try to save her from her captors and bring back the magic amethyst stone that the giants stole from Argon. Mary Ann makes many friends behind the secret barn door and never loses hope that they will find her. The creatures of the enchanted forest great and small all have a hand in saving her from her captors and helping her to find her way home."

"The Secret Barn Door" was released on April 28, 2005 and has been enthusiastically received by young and old alike. This is a great children's fantasy adventure book for any youngster with an interest in horses.

Story Synopsis: Ten year old Mary Ann, her neighbor Timmy, and a baby unicorn named Fable, are on a magical, mystical adventure as they travel through the Secret Barn Door to the Enchanted Forest to solve the mystery of Morgan the horse's disappearance.

While on their way to Argon the trio meet Daggot the dragon and discover the kingdom is in an uproar. The wizards of Racine have seen a rift in the magic and the Festival of the Unicorns is in trouble! The giants, with the help of the dragons, take them all prisoner.

Once again, the creatures of the forest, great and small, all have a hand in helping Mary Ann and Timmy find their way home and solve the riddle of the broken magic.

"The Secret Barn Door II, Return to Argon" was released on August 1, 2007 and is an exciting continuation of the adventures of Mary Ann and all of her forest friends behind the Secret Barn Door. This book will warm your heart and leave you wanting more and, we're happy to say, book three is in production so keep an eye out for more exciting adventures.

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